Demo Team

Owner: Sarah
Breed: Working / Show Golden Retriever
Year of Birth: 2006

CV Highlights:
Ru has GCDS Gold level 
Won out of KC obedience pre beginners and beginners and ended up at Earls Court for a special stakes final.
KC agility grade 3 and is currently working in Rally level 2 and 3.
Ru is often seen in the demonstration team and his tutor dog role is reserved for very shy dogs or puppies that he can connect with using gentle confidence building techniques whilst posing no threat.

A Little extra snippet:
Ru is the reason Sarah fell in love with Golden Retrievers. Ru is a rescue dog that was unwanted due to him being kennelled for 18 months and being deemed ‘Gun shy’ when in fact he was actually 'life shy'.
It took a year of training, kindness and gentle socialisation, with support from hundreds of friends of Little Orchard, to get him to where he is now and he now even sometimes is a show off during training.